Friday, August 5, 2011

Take that, Photoshop

Look.  At the top of the page.  A custom header.  I did that myself.

Is your browsing experience not drastically improved by the decor?  You're welcome.


  1. I never saw the old one, but I LOVE this. Nice job!

  2. @Marianna Annadanna
    Aaaah! Thank you! LOL. I just joined Cheesy Bloggers and this is my first brush with a real *famous* blogger. :-D I'm just giddy with delight over here.

  3. Ya know, that chick in your header actually kind of looks like you.

  4. @Cynthia M.
    I KNOW, right? when i emailed the artist to show him how his work was being used, as per his request on the stock photo site, i linked him to my "about me" page and he emailed me back and said "It COULD be you! :)" which come to think of it is a little creepy since he's never seen me and my photo is nowhere on here. huh.

  5. I love your blog!!


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