Monday, October 22, 2012

Play Tray Giveaway WINNER

We have a WINNER!

The winner of last week's Custom Play Tray Giveaway is....

Livivua, for this blog post comment: "i would like to see a sports set"

Congratulations, Livivua, and please send me an email at to claim your prize!

As for the rest of you....quit crying, because I have good news! If you didn't win, you have another shot, because another Play Tray is being given away this week over at my mom's blog, Commonplace Crazy. You should really check her out, she's kind of cool for a grandma. Don't tell her I said that. But definitely enter her giveaway.

MORE GOOD NEWS: Sticky Chic Boutique hit 200 fans on Facebook during this giveaway, and I always like to celebrate milestone numbers. I'm celebrating over on Facebook with a custom tumbler or coffee cup giveaway today (I know, right?? It's madness!), and a coupon code later in the week. So if you really want a Play Tray (and who wouldn't??), you'll be able to snag one at a discount with that code when it's released. Be sure to like the page and stay tuned for updates!

Here's what you can win on Facebook this week:

Monday, October 15, 2012

Giveaway: Fashionista Play Tray and other things I make for my kids just so I can play with them myself.

I make a lot of cute stuff. I'm not bragging. It's just a fact.

And I make a lot of it for myself, because I deserve it. I have like, 4 tumblers. And I have vinyl on my walls and my car.

And I make a TON of it for my kids. When you browse my Etsy shop, you may notice many of the sample photos are items personalized with the names Jack and Bianca. This is not a coincidence.

After I made Jack his Vroom Vroom Play Tray, I started brainstorming ways I could make his sister something similar.

And here's what I came up with. I have to say this is my very favorite thing I have ever made. It is so much fun, both to make and to play with.

Wait for it...

It's a paper doll! Made of vinyl! On a tray! And it's amazing!

The doll is permanently affixed to the tray. She's totally custom according to your specifications, so your little girl can have a Fashionista Friend that looks just like her, or just like her best friend, or just like somebody she dreamed up all on her own:

The Fashionista's outfits are made of paper-thin static cling vinyl that stick firmly to the vinyl coating on the tray, then peel off to be reused again and again and again. 

The Play Tray sells for $29.99 and comes with enough mix and match pieces to make over a dozen outfits, including 3 dresses, 3 skirts, 3 tops, 3 pairs of shoes, a pair of tights, 7 hair accessories, an ice cream cone, and a balloon!

And just like Barbie, she'll have lots more outfits.  UNLIKE Barbie, her outfits are easy for even the littlest hands* to put on and off all by themselves. My 6-year-old still comes to me for help zipping up Barbie's dress. Usually because the dress is too skanky small for Barbie's body. How does that happen? Does Barbie put on weight after you bring her home? Do her clothes shrink in the DreamHouse dryer?

Anyway. I've gone out of my way to make sure the Fashionista's outfits are not only easy for kids to use, but also child-appropriate. I wanted my daughter to have a fashion doll that looks like her: an innocent, beautiful, fun-loving child. Her clothes are fun, trendy, and cute, but still totally age-appropriate.

 The possibilities are truly endless, and I have so many plans! Here's the first set, which sells separately for $9.99:

Have a little animal lover on your hands? Pick up a Fashionista Pet Set for just $4.99:

Choose a dog.

Or a cat!

I have lots more sets coming soon: Birthday party! Costumes! Princess dresses! Sports! I ran a poll on Facebook for ideas; keep them coming in the comments! That's what's so fun about Sticky Chic: I love custom work. I can bring YOUR ideas (or your little one's ideas) to life.

Your Fashionista Friend can be a cowgirl, a superhero, a firefighter, a doctor, or an astronaut! She can be a cupcake baker or a princess or a bride or a police officer. She can hang out at the beach or on a farm or on the moon.

I even plan to offer custom listings for this Play Tray. Want to surprise your little one with a special outfit, along with a mini-version for her Fashionista Friend? No problem. Shoot me a photo and I'll recreate any outfit (any toy, any pet, anything) in vinyl.

I'm not sure if you can tell, but I'm kind of excited about this item, you guys. So excited I think I'll GIVE ONE AWAY.

Enter below to win a Fashionista Play Tray of your very own. (Or, if you don't have any little fashionistas on your gift list and you'd prefer the car version, the winner can choose a Vroom Vroom Play Tray instead.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I love all my international friends, but the contest is open to U.S. residents only. If you're international I hope you'll still follow @StickyChic and/or @NearNormalcy on Twitter (spoiler alert: they're both me!) and we can totally be friends. That's almost as good as a prize, right?

*The Fashionista Play Tray does include small parts that may prove hazardous for munchkins who still like to taste their toys. Not recommended for children under 3.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

An Open Letter to the Jerk in the Blue Car in my Kid's School Parking Lot

Dear Jerk in the Blue Car in my Kid's School Parking Lot,

There's something we need to discuss. I'm writing you out of concern. Concern for your health and safety.

You are dangerously close to being dragged out of your car and murdered in an elementary school parking lot, so please listen to what I have to say before it's too late.

Are you familiar with the school pick up line? No? See, that's funny, because you and I both navigate this line each and every day. You did know there were other people picking up their children at 3:00, right? We all form a line. Let me illustrate.

See the jerk in the blue car? That's you.

It's a line, Jerk in the Blue Car. There's an order to it. We all wait our turn. This is how civilized society operates. See, we all enter the parking lot through one small driveway. Then we pick up our children, and then we circle around the rest of the parking lot until we get to the other driveway. And then we exit.

But not you! You have another strategy entirely, don't you?
What...what are you doing??

This is where things get weird, Jerk in the Blue Car! We're all sitting in line, and then suddenly, your blue car just...gets out of line!

Yes, I know you have already picked up your child. I see that. I saw him climb into the backseat of your blue car. This was before I knew you were a jerk. Does your child know this about you, jerk? Is he a jerk as well? Is this some kind of jerk training program you're running?

Why are you turning? Do you not see the 9 other cars in line in front of you? You may not realize this, but we also have picked up our children and probably have other places to be. Yes, I see that there's a big gap between the parked cars, large enough for your car to fit through. But...I just...DO YOU NOT SEE US HERE?
No! No! Why are you doing that? Are you really doing that? You're really doing that! You're such a jerk!
 Why?? Do you seriously not see all these other cars, waiting patiently??

What's that? You need to get to the bank? Oh, ok. Well, I personally was planning to just pick up my child and then hang out here in this parking lot for the rest of the afternoon. So I can see that your need to exit this parking lot 3 minutes faster is definitely more urgent than anything I have going on.
And look! You have a friend! Did you pay this guy? Threaten his children? I don't understand why he's letting you get in front of him, as if crossing the parking lot in this chaotic manner is a legit route to the exit.
You need to stop this. You're a jerk. Please. Just stop, before somebody (not necessarily me, I mean, anybody could do it) snaps and flies across the parking lot in a fit of rage and tears your car to pieces. I'm just saying.

Think about it.


Monday, October 1, 2012

A warning to my laundry.

Fair Warning.

If you are fabric in my house that is not nailed down, you will be put through the washing machine when you become dirty. And you will become dirty. This is certain.

If you have one of those fussy, entitled tags demanding you be "hand washed only" or even "dry cleaned only" (in the case of the latter, I don't know how you got here in the first place, and I'm sorry for the things you're about to see), you may be afforded the luxury of the "delicates" cycle, if I'm in a generous mood. But you will be washed.

Most of you will make it through just fine.

And those of you who don't? I'm sorry, but trust me when I say it's for the best. This ain't the life for you, princess.