About Me

Not actually me.  Well, it could be me.  I do have skirts.  And hair.
So possibly this is me.  But probably not.

I'm Alyssa.  I'm a mom and a wife and a writer.  I deal every day with clinical depression and I think I deal with it pretty well; that wasn't always the case. I use sarcasm as a coping mechanism and I'm really good at it.

By day I work at a university in California, writing exciting things like website copy, admission letters, and the academic catalog.  By night I write things that make me happy, including this blog.  I hope it makes you happy, too.

I'm married to a man who has been known on this blog as The Original Guido, or tHe [sic] O.G. for short. He's pretty great and I kind of like him. Together we have two children: 7-year-old Bianca (aka The Princess) and 3-year-old Jack (aka The Monster). There was a time when I blogged using these pseudonyms to protect my family's privacy, but as the world has evolved and my own internet presence has grown, that has become next to impossible, so world, meet us. Don't get any ideas. We carry pepper spray.

I chose the pink lady above as an avatar kind of by accident; I intended to put my real face up here but I didn't have any decent photos, so I found a placeholder until I could figure it out. But now I'm madly in love with the pink lady and when I see her, I see me, so she's sticking around. She actually does look like me.

OK, OK, fine. Here.

This one is actually me. Happy?

Here are some posts, if you're new here and want to know more:

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The serious (it's an isolated incident):
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The funny (hopefully not an isolated incident, but the jury's still out):
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(note: the hamster is dead now, and there's another dog, named Maya.)

The random (they're about nothing in particular but they might make you laugh, which is kind of what I do here):
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and its sequel,
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Pink Lady image courtesy of Moi Cody via stock.xchng.  I checked with him and he totally doesn't mind that I dyed it pink.  Conclusion:  Moi Cody is awesome.