Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rainbows and Unicorns: The best. Party. Ever.

So, the lovely Ilana over at Mommy Shorts is wondering if it's possible to have a themed birthday party without selling your soul to Elmo. Whether it's possible to dive headfirst into themed birthday goodness and still be awesome. I'm here to tell her it is.

The Princess has had birthday parties featuring Blue's Clues, Tinkerbell, and Fancy Nancy. I've featured some of those cakes in a past post (that post also, weirdly, features Ilana and Mommy Shorts. I don't only blog about her, I promise. That would be creepy, right? Ilana? Would that creep you out? It would, right? OK I'll find another topic). 

Today I'm going to share with you the greatest little girl party theme of all time: Unicorns and Rainbows.

I'm starting with the best part: rainbow cupcakes.
Those are sour Airheads, if you were wondering (you know you were). Simple, adorable

Unicorns. And rainbows.

Rainbow gumdrops.

Unicorn coloring table. I just Googled "unicorn coloring pages" and printed out a bunch.
I do this for pretty much every single birthday party I throw.
Cheapest craft project ever and the kids love it.

The birthday girl and her BFF.

Eating jelly beans! And coloring! And eating jelly beans!
(Also? Did I mention? JELLY BEANS!)
(It's common knowledge that unicorns love jelly beans.)

The cupcakes on their stand. Should have probably dressed up the stand a little.

A little free play time.

"See? This is the unicorn's horn. You throw the ring on the horn."

That's one way to do it.

Pin the horn on the unicorn party game. Bought it at Oriental Trading, I believe.

I won't name names, but #7 cheated.

Present time!

New skirt from Ashley. Handmade, of course. But hey, I'm no slouch myself!
I made that Unicorn ring toss, OK?  I found a picture I liked online and used a projector to blow it up and trace it on butcher paper, glued the paper to cardboard, and painted in the colors. Then I cut it out and taped a wooden dowel to the back (all the way up the horn for reinforcement). The dowel is then shoved into a styrofoam block which is in turn shoved into a Christmas tree stand.
I know. Brilliant.

My husband made the t-shirt. It's an iron-on transfer. The kind made for dark fabric.
He found the rainbow and unicorn separately and Photoshopped them together for the perfect image.
He then meticulously cut that image out with an Xacto knife. I know.
She still wears it constantly.

To whomever bought her this game (yes I've forgotten, this was MONTHS ago, ok?), she loves it.
She really does.
I'm the one who isn't a fan. But I play it anyway.
Because I'm an awesome mother.

(An even more awesome mother would have covered that Christmas tree stand with something pretty.)

(Oh, you knew it was coming.)

I wish this one still had the candy rainbow on top, it's such a great photo otherwise.

Oh, go on and hit your "Pin It" button. You know you want to.


  1. You are a totally awesome mom. I apologize that none of your parties were ever this crafty. But they were huge and included copious amounts of food.

  2. It's OK Mom. You didn't have Pinterest to keep up with back in the day.

  3. They were just as yummy as they were pretty, if I do say so myself.

  4. Those cupcakes look amazing!

  5. I love it! The cupcakes look fantastic. Is this like a hobby or a career? Cause it could be a career... just sayin. Get a partner in dry ice and I'll use you for Mazzy's 3rd birthday.

    And now I have to dig up and send you the link to "Rainbows & Unicorns: Please Use Them Unironically"- one of my first posts ever.

  6. Definitely a hobby. If that. :) I actually just signed up for a class a few years back to get out of the house one night a week and found I kind of had a knack for it. I did it as kind of a side business for awhile but it got to be too stressful and time-consuming so I've backed off lately.

    Of course, I would totally come out of retirement for Mazzy. ;)

    If that is a real post I need to read it immediately.

  7. Suddenly my joint birthday party for my kids (their birthdays are 10 days apart) featuring a half Mickey, half Minnie birthday cake (made by Price Chopper) and blue and pink table clothes and balloons seems entirely lazy.

    Note to self: Step it up or be shamed.

  8. Ha! Girl I feel the same way every time I venture out onto the internet looking for party ideas for my kids. I saw a Sesame Street party yesterday that made me embarrassed at how lame this post is.

    The crazy thing is the kids DO NOT CARE. This mess is all about us, and we know it, and we do it anyway. Give your kids some cake and presents and call it a day; you won't get any shame from me!

  9. Very nice. I love the cupcakes. Those are amazing. This is a really cute birthday party idea. I wonder if my 8 yr old would go for something like this on her next birthday. Your daughter sure looks like she had a lot of fun. Where the heck to you get rainbow cupcakes (the inside)? Can you tell I'm not much of a cook.

    Well, consider yourself stalked! I'll be back.

  10. Oh, also? Half Mickey, half Minnie? Sounds awesome. Or terrifying. One of those. Either way, I need to see pictures.

  11. Hurray! You came, you stalked! Girl I made those cupcakes. It's kind of my thing (not really). You should read the post BEFORE this one, it's about writing AND cake decorating. Yes, really.

  12. I seriously did not see the double rainbow coming. I thought the airhead topper was amazing enough! And the ring-toss game was genius up on that Christmas tree stand. Your daughter is a lucky girl! Definitely sharing with my girlfriend :) Thanks!

  13. Double Rainbow Cupcakes! OMG!!

  14. Oh, I pinned it. I pinned it good! One of the things I miss most about having little ones (my sons are 19 & 22) is having AWESOME themed birthday parties. We all love dressing up so much we had costume themed parties until they were ... so big it became embarrassing - pirates, dinosaurs, a circus - never did do a 'sponsored by' party though. :)

  15. So glad you came by! Hope your friend finds something she likes here. There are so many possibilities with this theme, I had a blast with it but barely scratched the surface, I'm sure. :)

  16. Daughter is turning 4 next weekend and I. Am. Stealing. Everything. Especially the cupcakes. Hey, if you're gonna go there...then GO THERE!! Thank you. I can't tell you how excited I am right now.

  17. oh yay! she'll LOVE it! "if you're gonna go there...then GO THERE!!" haha, i could not agree more!

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