Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How NOT to begin NaNoWriMo

  1. With a sink full of dirty dishes.
  2. With a mountain of unwashed laundry.
  3. With an endless to-do list at work (the kind that follows you home).
  4. With a Girl Scout guilt trip cupcake order due November 2nd.
  5. With no outline or any story-related prep whatsoever, really.
  6. Without an official Survival Kit consisting of Mountain Dew, chocolate, fuzzy socks, note cards, post-it notes, guilt-inducing quotes and reminders, etc. (I always make one of these the last week of October.  Until now.)
  7. Without a fully-planned menu and housework schedule to get the rest of the family through November with as little drama as possible.
  8. With a mind that is totally scattered, distracted, unprepared, and not remotely in writing mode.
What can I say.  I'm a rule-breaker.

Write on, Wrimos!

I'll...um...catch up.


  1. I'm with you on the no-prep. And a million errands to finish up.

    Been staring at a blank document for about 30 minutes now. But you know what? WE CAN DO THIS.


  2. By mountain of laundry, she means one hamper and it doesn't matter since I (her husband) do the laundry or else it would be a mountain.

  3. I KNEW you read my blog. And have you seen the laundry? It's reaching mountain status. And since you cannot figure out how my section of the closet operates, or the children's closets, I do put 75% of the laundry away, and putting everything away is 75% of the job called "doing laundry." But yes, you do wash it and dry it. Thank you. I love you. :-P

  4. I seriously contemplated stopping blogging for the whole month. Because I didn't know if I have that much creativity in me! The book has to come before the blog, ya know??? But still hard to quit because blogging is like crack to me!

    I hope I make it. I know I need to stay confident. But gosh this is going to be hard. I hear it's worth finishing it though.

    Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog. I really appreciate it!

  5. Thanks to you too!

    I know, I'm not sure how I'm going to swing it all, either. I've finished Nano before but I only had one child, and no blog. And I'm afraid if I quit blogging for a month I'd lose all my readers! I'm too young and small to do that. Gotta blog, gotta write. Gotta cook dinner, apparently.

    I posted a couple weeks ago about possibly posting some of my work in progress during november. Two birds, one stone? You can read that post here if you're interested: http://www.nearnormalcy.com/2011/10/did-you-know-im-writer.html

  6. So glad I'm not the only one doing NaNo the wrong way. I did make a start this morning since I woke up at 3:30. Not sure I can do that every day, though. Oh, and stupid me promised a really great, but time-consuming, dinner tonight. Maybe it'll give me a pass for the rest of the month. They complain, I say, "Remember when I made..." Yeah, right.

  7. Check, check, and check. Add to that post-season soccer tournaments, recalcitrant 11th graders who won't do their work, and no working computer at home. I do have the advantage that the girls cook 3 nights already but I really need a computer and an idea, yikes!

  8. Okay, the dirty dishes, the unwashed laundry and the to-do list can totally wait. But you must get thee to a store to stock up on Mountain Dew and chocolate. Hurry! Before very bad things start happening.

  9. Oh, I did! I should have updated the post, right? "Went grocery shopping. Nobody panic."

  10. I saw on FB you got your computer up and running! Hurray for not having to hand-write 50,000 words! Let's do this thing!


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