Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm such a winner. At last the universe confirms it.

I won a contest!

LOOK.  See that?  I won!

What does that mean for you?  Because of course this is about you!  It means that in the next few weeks you will be seeing an all-new, professionally redesigned blog header here at Near Normalcy.

I know, I know.  You LOVE the one I have.  So do I.  I mean, I made it myself, so it has sentimental value and all.  Plus the little pink chick, the one who's probably not really me but could be?  I love her.  Expect her to stick around in some form.

Because Melanie at Mommy Doodles Design?  She's talented.  She'll take good care of you.  I promise.  Go check out her blog, like her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter.

So, any thoughts?  Elements you would hate to see go?  Elements you would hate to see stay?


  1. I think you should insist on keeping the pink lady as part of the new design.

  2. I like this pink lady, no matter who she may or may not be.

  3. Haha. Pink lady. Now I sound like I'm starring in Grease. But yes, I agree, and I told Melanie that I'd like to keep the pink lady because she's kind of become my signature. If totally non-famous nobodies can have signatures. :)

  4. I love the pink lady, too! And yet I secretly covet her skinny sassy figure! :o) Def. keep her!! Also, I will miss the argyle if you get rid of it. I am crazy for argyle!!! :o) I think I used too many explanation points...Your mom is going to kill me. ;o)

  5. Cannot wait to see the 'new' you! Congrats on the win and the 'makeover'!!!

  6. so awesome. i recently won a facelift too and it is so so so good for the soul! have fun.


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