Thursday, August 4, 2011

Maybe the zombie apocalypse will start next week. A girl can hope.

I've just made a discovery.  Or had a realization. One of those. I don't know, you guys, I'm too freaked out to think straight!

Two events coming up in my life:
August 15, 2011: the Princess starts kindergarten. The child born of my own loins. My infant daughter. Starts. Kindergarten.
August 19, 2011: I. Turn. 30.
Check your calendar. These things are both happening in the same week!

Make no mistake, says the Universe. This woman is now OLD. In case you missed the first message, here's another, right on its heels.

Just get out your mourning gear, ok? Because the week of August 15, 2011 will henceforth be known as The week in which my youth was first shot summarily in the head...then run over by a large truck just for kicks.

Oh, also?  Also?  This morning I turned the TV to Disney, and the Princess looked in disdain at the programming before her and said to me..."I'm too old for Mickey Mouse."

I'm just going to go dig a hole and die in it now.  Before I'm too old and frail to lift a shovel.


  1. Stop your whining. I'm older than you. When Joey starts kindergarden ill be 37..... omg I'm old! See what you started!!!

  2. @Pam
    There's room next to my death hole, if you're interested.

  3. Will there be mnt dew and sandlot in these holes?

  4. I now have the golden girls theme song stuck in my head

  5. @Pam
    1-I haven't really given much thought to the holes, since mostly they're just for dying in. But yeah, mountain dew and sandlot are pretty much appropriate for any situation.
    2-Did the Golden Girls dig death holes too?

  6. My baby turned 18 this year & I'm 30 years older than he is. Trust me, there are a lot more milestones ahead to remind you that you're getting older. But, eventually you get too old to give a hoot!

  7. Seriously? It all gets better after 30. After 50, you really don't care what anyone thinks anymore. It's glorious! And by the way, I'm not old, so you can't be either. There are certain laws of nature at play here.

  8. OK, guys are all older than me. But are any of you still in the physical condition to dig your own death hole? be honest. I'm just trying to be prepared. That's all.

  9. Oh yes! Life is BETTER at 30! Even better at 40!Before that, you're just practicing until life really begins!Oh, and you KNOW I can still work circles around lots of 30 and unders! ~ Love you ~ AUNTIE


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