Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday. Don't get used to it.

OK not entirely wordless.  I'm fairly certain wordless is not something I'm actually capable of.  But more pictures than words today, ok?  Also maybe not so much funny today.  Sorry.

Two of my favorite people to stalk on Twitter, Ilana (@mommyshorts) and Kate (@andthenkate), teamed up today on Ilana's blog.  Kate guest-posted about why she's happy with one child.  Her daughter is about my daughter's age, and the Princess was an only child for a good 4 1/2 years before we made her into a sister, so it kind of made me think.

Because for awhile I really did think the Princess might be my one and only.  One and done.  And in some ways I was ok with that because the love?  The joy?  The amazingness?  The Squinkies?  How could that not be enough?  And how could I ever love another person as completely as I love her?

But then the Monster happened, and honestly?

 How could I have ever thought I was complete without him?

So here's my wordless (ish) Wednesday:

One is fabulous.
One is precious and heartbreaking.
One makes me wrinkle my nose with laughter.
One is challenging and strong-willed and beautiful.
One is perfect.
But two?  Oh my goodness.  Two is twice as perfect.
Two is glee.
Two is best friends.
Two is hilarious.
Two is adventure.
Two is peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake and endless giggles.

Two is everything.


  1. Oh, my. This was beautiful and touching and WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO MAKE ME CHANGE MY MIND?

    (eyeing birth control pills and trash can)


    (third parens, begin: Your kids are so, so gorgeous. Darling.)

  2. Actually, I kind of wanted 3. Unfortunately, I was the only parent in the house who felt that way. The puppy really didn't quite fulfill that longing. But the two I've got? Wow! They rock! I'm sure you realize that words can never fully express a mother's love. It's just so completely overwhelming it leaves me speechless.

  3. I felt the same way, when I had one. She was ALL I thought I needed. She filled my life. Thankfully God had other plans. I have a total of 4. My life is four times the wonderful I could have ever imagined. Thank you for a beautiful post. Alisa

  4. That best friend picture makes me all warm and fuzzy and wanting to watch Hallmark movies while baking muffins.

    Monster looks like he's got the princess wrapped around his finger though...


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