Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I want a prize. Give me my prize.

Hey.  You know how I'm a sellout and will do anything to win a prize?  You didn't know that?  Oh, ok.  Well, I'm a sellout and will do anything to win a prize.

This blog post contains no funny jokes or amusing anecdotes.  It does, however, contain this:

I'm posting this to enter a contest offered by Cashier Live, a point of sale software company, at Indie Biz Chicks. If you really want to, you can visit their site and enter, too.  

But don't, ok?  Because that would negatively affect my chance of winning.  And you want me to have an iPad, don't you?  Yeah.  You do.

And actually, you know what?  I'm looking at this Indie Biz Chicks site and it's really kind of cool.  The tagline is "For women who'd rather work for themselves than work for The Man."  Dude!  I'm a woman!  And I would SO rather work for myself than work for The Man.  The Man sucks, you guys.

Not men.  Men don't suck, in general.  I have one that I kind of like, for the most part.  But The Man.  That dude is a total buzzkill.

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