Saturday, September 3, 2011

The birds Look! Something shiny!

"Mom.  How do people get babies?"

"You know how.  Remember, your brother grew in mommy's tummy and then he was born and we had a baby."

"No, but how do they get in mommies' tummies?"


Expectant stare.

"Um.  When a mommy and daddy love each other and get married... ahem...errr... theymakeababyandthenit'sborn."

"What?!  They MAKE a baby?  HOW?!"

"Uh...did I say make?"

"Yes.  They make a baby.  Tell me how."


"Mom?  Tell me how you make a baby."

"...I'll tell you when you're older..."

"I want to know now.  Tell me how."

"Hey!  Want some juice?  Let's see if there are any cartoons on!"

I think I handled that well.


  1. I am so enjoying watching you raise children.

  2. That was handled very well. It might be a good idea to come up with a slightly more accurate explanation for the next time she asks. Or a good stock of attention diversions.


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