Friday, September 30, 2011

My daughter, the cake-eating vampire

Sometimes I think I need to just turn on the voice record feature on my phone the moment we all get in the car together.  But I'm not really sure where the voice record feature is located so instead I just listen in amazement and try to remember all the crazy stuff flying out of my daughter's mouth on the way to school.

Here's what I remember.  And this was all pretty rapid-fire, so don't breath in between lines, OK?

"Mom? What if I rang your doorbell?"

"Um. What if you did?"

"And then I ran away."

"Well that would be weird. I would think a ghost had rung my doorbell."

"HEY! I have a PERFECT idea for Halloween.  Ready?"


"Daddy can be the daddy vampire*, and you can be the mommy vampire, and Monster can be the baby vampire, and I can be the sister vampire!  How about that?"

"How about that."

"And we can invite A., and she can be the other sister vampire."


"I wish I was eating cake right now."


*Last week she was still planning on her standard Halloween persona of, well, a princess.  So we've jumped straight from princesses to vampires??  Isn't there supposed to be another phase or two in between those?


  1. The Princess is precocious. She's going to skip phases. Next week she'll want to borrow the car keys.

  2. Aura WAS going to be a cupcake. She has now decided to be a skeleton. A skeleton "with a mask so you can't see me and everyone will think I'm a real skeleton HAHAHA SO FUNNY BUY ME SKELETON COSTUME."

    So. Vampires and skeletons. I blame that dratted moving picture box.

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