Friday, February 10, 2012

Nothing, and then some crappy poetry.

I have started and deleted 10 different posts in the last week.

I start out with a story I think might be funny, and by the end it's just pointless, or worse, sad. Or maybe pointless is worse than sad? Neither is what I'm going for, in any case.

I've got nothing.

But I'm still here.

And I still care about this blog.

And I still want to write for you guys.

So maybe you'll stick with me.

And someday I'll post something worth reading.

I think I should stop this now before this post turns into angsty free verse "poetry."

(the world seems to be
standing still
and moving past me
at the same time.
my eyes open
not seeing
fingers flying
nothing to say.
i'm not really
as depressed as i sound
but maybe i should have had more
than just chocolate
for lunch.
and also
i could probably
use a nap.)

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