Friday, February 24, 2012


Dookie (U.S. Version)

This one's a classic, kids.

The year is 1994.  A certain girl living in a small Nor-Cal town is about to turn 13.  From behind braces, stringy brown hair and a navy blue hoodie she surveys the world and decides:  it sucks.  She writes poetry riddled with teen angst but she has a musical soul--until now she's found solace in the subversive lyrics and hard-driving beats of '60s rock, but she knows there must be something more.  As much as she loves The Who, this is her parents' music, and she knows without a doubt that what she's feeling is something her parents just...don't....get.

She needs something that's hers, something they won't understand...and then, one day, she turns on the radio, and there it is.  A '90s punk teen anthem....

Do you have the listen to me whine...about nothing and everything all at once...

What was the first song/album you remember really "identifying" with when you were growing up?

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  1. I remember waking up, because I'd left my TV on, in the middle of the night and this video had just come on
    First time I'd ever heard it. Bought the CD that week.

    But I'd have to go with Smashing Pumpkins, Today, from the Siamese Dream album or DMB, What Would You Say.


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