Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Meet my face.

So, as you've all no doubt already read on my About Me page (which you do have memorized, don't you?), I never really intended for the Pink Lady to become my avatar. It just kind of happened. And I love her, and she's how people know me now, so she's sticking around. And honestly if somebody took a photo of me in a dress and turned it into a silhouette, it would look just like that. So it's honest. So quit bugging me about it.

But, you know...I've been blogging awhile now, and I've got lots of readers who don't know me in real life, and it feels weird that you probably don't know what I look like. I'm not hiding or anything (from you. I may or may not be hiding from the law. So don't tell. But I would never hide from you. We're tight).

So for today's Wordless(ish) Wednesday, I present...

My Face.

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  1. How introspective! Love it and thanks for joining in!!

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