Monday, February 13, 2012

Death and taxes and husbands griping about shoes.

Our tax refund has arrived.

My husband tHe O.G. recently bought a new computer. When I say "bought" a "computer" I mean he went online and spent $1300 and then over the course of a week a parade of UPS boxes arrived on our doorstep containing mysterious, futuristic objects with names like motherboard and power supply and flux capacitor.

This is how my husband buys computers.


Not this.

I'm assuming the enormous, noisy machine now on his desk is somehow capable of intergalactic travel or something equally impressive.

So. Since he got to have all this computery fun, after we pay off some debts, the balance of the tax refund is mine. All mine.

tHe O.G.: "Since I bought my computer and you gave me very little hassle, I'm not going to give you any grief about what you buy. It's your money."

me: "Thank you."

him: "Unless you buy shoes.""

me: "Oh. I'm buying shoes."

him: "What?! You don't need more shoes!"

me: "I need shoes."

him: "I think you should look at the shoes you have first..."

me: "I'm fully aware of what shoes I have."

him: "I don't think you are."

You guys? I so am.

I can't wait to buy some shoes.

Toms ballet flats.

computer images sources: This. Not this.

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  1. Mmm shoes. I was going to ask earlier if there was room for a Silhouette but sick boy woke up and I haven't been back on. I just saw your recent pins and am no wondering if it's already on the list?!?!?


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