Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm being downgraded.

I work in an office. It's an office suite at a university, in the administration building. My own private office has a window. And a door. A door I can shut whenever I want to:


I'm being moved from my office to a...a cubicle. In the suite next door. It's a long boring story but it's happening. I'm supposed to be out this week. All my belongings are in boxes around me and my phone line has already been transferred to the cubicle. But my computer is still here and I can't quite bring myself to unplug it and take it next door.

Here's my office as it stands now:

Yes, that is supposed to read "product," not "produce." No, I am not going back into Photoshop to fix it.

Honestly I've kind of been looking forward to this move on some levels. A change of scenery, a new outlook. I'm getting some new job duties along with it and I'm excited about those (it's not an actual demotion or anything, just a physical move). I'll have better front-office support in my new location and won't have to worry about things like (blech) speaking to university students and answering phones (OK look, if I'm being totally honest, I don't really do this stuff's possible if you call this office when I'm the only one here your call will go to voicemail.* I'm trusting you guys not to rat me out on that one, ok? But, you know, in spite of my pretty consistent failure to perform, there's still some weird and persistent expectation that I might actually answer phones when pressed to do so...people are constantly telling me things like "I'm going to lunch, you're covering," as if they've never even met me. So I feel I must be covert in my determination to avoid the ringing phones at all costs, and that pressure will be gone, which will be a relief).

And the cubicle isn't terrible, as cubicles go. It's ginormous. It also has a large window, 3 windows south of my current window, so basically the same view. It's in a suite with people I work with and like. And it's not like I'm doing anything weird in my office that I can't do in a cubicle. I mean, I don't strip down and take naps under the desk or anything, even when the door is shut. Usually.*

But I worked a lot of hard years to earn this office, to battle my way from cubicle hell to office paradise. I don't like to answer phones now because I was the phone-answerer forever before I was promoted into my current position. I've paid my dues. I love my office. So it's kind of a cruel irony that staying in my fancy office means I would have to continue pretending to care about the phones, and moving to a horrible open cubicle means I wouldn't have to worry about them anymore. Where's the logic in that?

Not that I have a choice. I'm moving.

So this is possibly my last post from my office, you guys.

I know what you're thinking. How am I going to blog at work when I'm in a cubicle?? Well, don't worry. My monitor has a privacy screen, and I'll arrange myself in that cubicle so nobody can sneak up on me. Plus, of course, I NEVER BLOG AT WORK! Come on, you guys. Only on my lunch break. Seriously.

Speaking of lunch breaks, mine is almost here* over.  Gotta go.

*If my boss is reading this...I'm joking! About everything. Absolutely everything you read here is a joke. I LOVE MY JOB AND MY NEW CUBICLE AND I WORK VERY, VERY HARD WITHOUT CEASING.

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