Sunday, July 31, 2011

the blogspot is here to stay

Yesterday I purchased a custom domain.  Or so I thought.  I swear I went all through the process of purchasing  So I could be like a real blogger, a serious professional blogger with a real website instead of a blogspot like all the teenagers blogging about Justin Beiber or whatever.  (No offense to any of my readers who are authors of Justin Beiber blogs.  I LOVE you guys.)

But it didn't work, and my blog got all wonky and weird, and I had to enlist the technical assistance of my husband, and he discovered that there is no evidence whatsoever that I actually purchased any domain yesterday, and I am an idiot.  So we're back publishing at [EDIT: no we're not. We're at, ok?  Thanks, Mom, for pointing that out.]

You would think that I would just go and purchase my domain correctly this time and try again, right?  Well, if you were thinking that, it's because you've never met my husband, tHe Original Guido, who upon discovering that I had blown (or failed to blow) a mind-boggling $10 on a custom domain, forbade me from repurchasing it because "nobody even reads this thing yet besides your mom anyway" and "it's the exact same thing, who cares if it says blogspot" and "you're paying $10 for nothing" and "remember  yeah?  what happened to that?" and "you've only had this blog a week, how many other writing projects have you started and never finished?" and a number of other totally unfounded and irrational and generally unsupportive* arguments.

So, what I took from this conversation is that I can buy as soon as I have an established reader base of people I don't know in real life.  What I'm saying is, subscribe to this blog, and tell your friends, especially if you/they don't know me in real life, so tHe O.G. will have to crawl at my feet and beg forgiveness for not believing in me.

Also:  Please do not purchase my domain of choice in the interim, ok?  That would be way harsh, you guys.  Just don't.

*Even though he's unsupportive and mean and hates my blog and wants me to fail and secretly plots my creative and professional demise in his free time, he has his redeeming qualities, ok?  I mean, don't like, hate him on my behalf or anything.  I'll write about all his good qualities some other time.  If they're funny and entertaining. Mostly it's the bad qualities that are entertaining though, right?  Yeah.  So, grain of salt, people.


  1. Actually, you're not at You're at Just sayin'.

  2. I'm leaving you a comment so your mother and the O.G. will know that other people are reading your blog. And I started one up just so I could subscribe to yours. ;)

  3. @Cynthia M.
    Wow. That "proof I'm a dummy" category is getting a lot more play time than I expected.

  4. @Kelli
    Yay! Hi Kelli! You know me in real life so you don't really count. Hahahaha. Just kidding. You totally count. Welcome!

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