Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mazzy likes me. She really likes me.

OK. My girl crush on blogger Ilana from Mommy Shorts is well-documented. And you know what? She totally likes me back.

No, seriously. She called me her friend today:

But that's not all! As you may have surmised from the context of the above, I sent the lovely Mazzy (you know Mazzy, right? She's the Suri Cruise of the blogosphere. Except obviously less tragic. And cuter) a "new big sister" gift from my Etsy shop. And Mazzy liked it so much Ilana wrote a post about it! And because the whole thing gave me such warm fuzzy feelings, I'm giving another one away to a lucky reader!

Totally stolen from

So go over and check it out. Watch the video. There are a lot of cute Mazzy videos over there, but I must say, this is my favorite ever. :)